Here you can learn more about our examination regulations for the examinations "Propaedeutics" and "Poultry diseases". The team of the Clinic for Birds and Reptiles wishes you good luck!


Procedure of the examination

This exam proceeds as an interdisciplinary exam involving all clinics.

In the exam you will complete

  •     a multiple choice exam and
  •     a so-called OSCE test (Objective Structured Clinical Evaluation).

The latter test is designed to require you to demonstrate practical skills, which are evaluated as objectively as possible using a score based system.

Basically, you will be given a general task as well as two further tasks concerning the handling of birds and reptiles.

In the general task, you are supposed to demonstrate

  •     husbandry parameters of the presented animal and, if applicable,
  •     identify its species and, if applicable, its gender.

For the two specific tasks, you are given short instructions that you demonstrate to us practically as a corresponding exercise (usually on a dead animal or a dummy).

You can see your evaluation's results on location. Basically, the most important steps must be performed correctly (3 points), so that additional points can be awarded for non-essential but useful steps.

The tasks are structured so that they can be completed in the time available without rushing.

Preparation for the OSCE test

To help you practice the tasks, we have provided you with a list of our OSCE tasks.

Please note that the protocols are not binding for the current exam cycle. Changes are possible, although not planned.

The species lists are intended to help you prepare, as we will only be asking for these species on the exam.

If you need further information material on the species listed in the download section, please contact us.

Poultry diseases

The examination in poultry diseases is divided into two parts:

  •     Multiple choice - written exam
  •     Oral-practical examination

Each time before the start of the oral-practical exam period, the clinic for birds and reptiles offers an information session in consultation with the students.

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