In addition to research and services, education is an important focus of our clinic. We offer students the opportunity to acquire important knowledge in handling birds and reptiles and to deepen their knowledge of diagnostics and therapy of relevant diseases.

Dr. Ender und eine weitere Person untersuchen eine Bartagame


We convey basic knowledge about the keeping and physiological needs of "exotic" pets. We place special emphasis on anamnesis and the basic needs of the most popular bird and reptile species.


We give lectures in the focus courses, among others:

  •     Clinical Basics,
  •     "Bird&Reptile" as well as
  •     "Poultry" and in the
  •     "Radiology" course

We post the documents for these on our moodle teaching platform

The training objective is for you to learn the proper handling of birds and reptiles and to be able to safely collect specimen material for further examination as well as to apply medication.


From the 6th to the 8th semester, clinical hours take place at our facility every three weeks. Here you will sharpen your diagnostic skills and apply and deepen what you have learned in theory.

Currently, the clinical hours take place in seminar room 3 of the HGH.

Protective clothing (gown) is required.

Teaching on the subject of stock management takes place in the seventh and eighth semesters (FS). There are lectures as well as an optional field trip in the 8th semester, if possible.

Three days before you enter the flock with us, you should have no contact with other poultry; we assure this with our entry in the flock book.

Protective clothing will be provided by us.

You will be excused for clinical hours that day.

Here you can find project work that is currently available. If you are interested, please contact the appropriate contact in person or by e-mail.

We're sorry: Currently there are no projects available.

If you have a specific request, please contact us.


More information about the modalities for the examinations "Propaedeutics" and "Poultry diseases".

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