The Institute of Virology is involved in the following courses:



- 1st semester: Zoology (Subcellular Life)

- 5th semester: General Virology

- 5th semester: Advanced Virology/Animal Diseases

Focus events

- 5th + 6th semester: Recognizing, Understanding and Combating Selected Infectious Diseases ("Erkennen, Verstehen und Bekämpfen ausgewählter Infektionskrankheiten")

- 8th semester: Poultry diseases

Practical course

- 6th semester: ViroLabSkills: Practical course for the introduction to relevant virological working methods in diagnostics and research

Interdisciplinary courses

- 2nd semester: Seminar at the "Lehr- und Versuchsgut Oberholz" as part of the agricultural practical course

- 5th + 6th semester: Diagnostic course in the context of the focus on recognition, understanding and control of selected infectious diseases

- 9th + 10th semester: Track event (paraclinical diagnostics, pharmacotherapy, immunoprophylaxis and dietetics)

All teaching materials such as lecture notes and scripts can be found as usual on the learning platform moodle in the respective course or event.

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