Diagnostic Services Pets

Here you can find our diagnostics portfolio for pathogens relevant in small pets

Pathogen Method Specimen Fee [EUR] per Sample
Hantaviruses RT-PCR Blood, Organs, Urine, Nucleic Acid 30,00
Virus Propagation Organs, Urine on request
Squirrel Bornaviruses RT-PCR Organs, Nucleic Acid 30,00
Immunofluorescence-Test Blood 25,00
Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHD) RT-PCR Organs, Nucleic Acid 30,00
PCR + Sequencing Organs, Nucleic Acid 48,00
Hamster Polyomavirus PCR Swab, Organs, Blood, Urine, Nucleic Acid 22,00
Guinea Pig Adenovirus PCR Organs, Nucleic Acid 22,00
Myxomatosis Virus PCR Swab, Skin Scraping, Nucleic Acid 22,00
Chlamydia sp. PCR Tupfer, Organe, Kot, Nukleinsäure 22,00
PCR + Sequenzierung Tupfer, Organe, Kot, Nukleinsäure 40,00
Mycoplasma sp. PCR Tupfer, Organmaterial, Nukleinsäuren 22,00
PCR + Sequenzierung Tupfer, Organmaterial, Nukleinsäuren 40,00

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