We offer bacteriological and mycological examinations of samples within the scope of veterinary diagnostics. Veterinarians of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine as well as external senders can have their samples examined by us. We use MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry for the identification and differentiation of pathogens. This usually allows a report of findings within 24 hours.

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Our diagnostic services for veterinarians

The services of our diagnostic laboratory include:

  • qualitative bacteriological, aerobic and anaerobic cultural analysis
  • mycological examinations
  • biochemical, serological und molecular biological analyses
  • pathogen detection from clinical sample materials and organs
  • the establishment of antibiotic resistance profiles according to EUCAST standards
  • feed and water analyses
  • molecular biological typing
  • The animal will be examined by a veterinarian who will initiate a specific sampling procedure for these examinations.
  • We ask animal owners for their understanding that we do not examine samples that are sent to us without the consent of a veterinarian.
  • If necessary, we would like to ask you as an animal owner to contact a practicing veterinarian of your choice in case of diseases of your animal and to refrain from direct contact with our institute.


Farm managers of pig farms, with whom we are in close contact and consultation with the treating veterinarians in connection with a Streptococcus suis stock problem.

Please note that every time a sample is taken:

  • take the sample cleanly from the location of the event
  • use a sealable, clean sample vessel on the outside
  • shipping as fast as possible, cooled if necessary
  • the sample vessel must be clearly labelled
  • enclose Sample Submission Form: Information on the veterinarian, owner, patient, information on the sample material, sampling date as well as a preliminary report or reason for submission and information on the desired examination.

Samples may be sent by post or courier service. Samples are accepted directly during office hours (Mon - Fri 7:30 - 15:30).

The samples will be examined as soon as possible. The results will be communicated by fax, e-mail or post or by telephone after prior request.

In our catalogue of services, veterinarians will find a list of the costs according to the requested bacteriological and/or mycological examination order. We will be happy to discuss with you the bacteriological and mycological examination procedure and special pricing for specific enquiries. Veterinarians of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine are granted special conditions, which cannot be granted to external senders. We ask for your understanding. The prices quoted are exclusive of VAT (currently 19%).


Our strain collection

The Institute of Bacteriology and Mycology has a large collection of strains of various bacteria and fungi. After consultation with the head of the institute, Prof. Christoph Baums, these can be sent nationally and internationally.

Our strain collection includes the following bacterial and fungal species:

  • Streptococcus suis
  • Rodentibacter spec.
  • Klebsiella pneumoniae
  • Brachyspira spec.
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Our strain collection includes numerous bacterial and fungal strains. Photo: Mareike Pendzialek

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