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Visit to VetmedUni Vienna from 11-15.09.2023 as part of the exchange programme

From 11-15 September 2023, as part of the exchange between the VMF Leipzig and VetmedUni Vienna, we visited the University Hospital for Pigs Vienna  as a small group of veterinary doctoral students (Anne Seidel, Institute of Immunology; Annika Breitfelder, Josepha Hallbauer, Sophia Hanstein, Institute of Bacteriology and Mycology; Belinda Euring, Institute of Virology).

The programme of the week was themed "The pig as an experimental animal in research". Central elements were the discussion on ethical aspects in experimental research with Prof. Herwig Grimm from the Messerli Research Institute, the visit to the teaching and research farm VetFarm Medau, different sampling techniques, dissection and pathology as well as problem-oriented sampling in a farm with health problems. We also got exciting insights into the current research topics at the Pig Clinic Vienna around the Porcine Respiratory and Reproductive Syndrome Virus PRRSV, Chlamydia and Mycoplasma. Particularly valuable for us was the opportunity to practice blood sampling techniques in different age groups of pigs as well as dissections with scientific questions in detail and to gain a deeper insight into methods that we rarely perform (endoscopy, tracheobronchial swab, tracheobronchial lavage...). But in addition to all the science, Viennese culture and culinary delights were not neglected and we enjoyed a traditional Viennese wine tavern at a joint dinner with our colleagues from the Vienna Pig Clinic.

Many thanks to Dr. Lukas Schwarz, Prof. Andrea Ladinig and the entire team at the University Hospital for Pigs for the warm welcome, the wonderful support, the interesting exchange and the varied programme! Another big thank you goes to Prof. Johannes Kauffold from Leipzig for initiating and annually organising the student exchange with VetmedUni Vienna and the opportunity to participate as PhD students as well.


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