Der Kurs Parasitologie findet im fünften Semester Ihres Studiums statt und beinhaltet verschiedene Schwerpunkte von der Helminthologie bis hin zur Entomologie. Nach dem sechsten Semester wird das Fach Parasitologie mit einer Blockprüfung abgeschlossen.The course Parasitology takes place in the fifth semester of your studies and includes different foci from helminthology to entomology. After the sixth semester, the subject Parasitology is completed with a block examination.

5th semester - Parasitology course

Scope 20 hours

  •     Helminthology I: Trematodes; Taeniids; Cysticercus; Echinococcus; Sedimentation
  •     Helminthology II: Cestodes ff; Trichuris; Capillaria; Trichinella
  •     Helminthology III: Oxyurans; Strongylides; Trichostrongylides; Flotation; Faecal culture (Demo)
  •     Helminthology IV: Hookworms; Strongyloides, roundworms
  •     Helminthology V: Spirurids; Dirofilaria incl. detection, proto- and metastrongylids; lungworms; funnel method (demo); larval differentiation
  •     Protozoa I: Trypanosoma; Leishmania; Trichomonas; Histomonas; Balantidium; Eimeria
  •     Protozoa II: Toxoplasma; Neospora; Sarcocystsi; Cryptosporidium; Giardia; Isospora; Babesia; Theileria
  •     Arachnology I (ticks, mesostigmatic mites)
  •     Arachnology II (mites; skin scrapings)
  •     Entomology I (lice; hair lice)
  •     Entomology II (flies, fleas)

Please note our internship regulations - see download area.

After the 6th semester - Examination

Our examination (block examination) is divided into a practical and a theoretical part.

We have compiled the main points of the examination in a catalogue. You can find it in the download area.

The overall grade in parasitology is calculated from the grade of the block examination and the MC grade.

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