The focus courses involving parasitology extend over four semesters. The focus is on both individual animal species and special organs.

5th semester

Focus Hours Content
EVB 2 Possibilities and limits of parasitological diagnostics

6th semester

Focus Hours Content
Digestion 4 Liver parasites
Parasites of the stomach and small intestine
Parasites of the colon
Gastrointestinal parasites in pigs
Respiration 1 Protostrongylids, overview Metastrongylids,
Crenosoma, Angyostrongylus, Filaroides
EVB 13 Survival strategies of parasites
Basics of parasite control
Pet parasites
Calf diarrhoea
Parasites of New World camelids
Anthelmintic resistance
Alternative control
Interdisciplinary course

7th semester

Focus Hours Content
Cardiology 1 Dirofilaria
Inventory management 3 Pasture parasitoses
Nematode infections in swine
Coccidiosis in pigs, cattle and poultry

8th semester

Focus Hours Content
Skin 1 Ectoparasites in small animals
Poultry 3 Coccidia
Fish 3 Fish parasitoses
Protozoa, helminths, others (scratches, leeches ...)

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