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On 8 February 2024, the time had come again: ZIM Day 2024 once again attracted the members of ZIM to the Oberholz teaching and research estate. The aim of the ZIM Day is to facilitate collaborative scientific and personal dialogue between the institutes. Dr Cora Delling (Parasitology), Laura Karwig (Immunology) and Anne-Marie Seidel (Immunology) were responsible for organising the ZIM Day this year.

After the welcoming address by the Dean Prof. Dr. Dr. Vahlenkamp and ZIM spokesperson Prof. Dr. Alber, the programme began with the "lightning talks". Dr Delling (Parasitology), Dr Schnabel (Immunology), Dr Heenemann (Virology) and Prof. Dr Schrödl (Bacteriology and Mycology) gave vivid presentations on some of the methods used in their respective institutes. The ZIM members were then able to take part in a short tour of the Oberholz teaching and research farm. In addition to pig and dairy cow farming, they were also given an insight into sheep farming at Oberholz. The new multifunctional barn was also open to visitors. The event continued with a keynote lecture by Dr Sophie Öhlmann from the Institute of Bacteriology and Mycology. In her exciting presentation "Influence of Streptococcus suis factors SLY and DltA in the interaction with immune cells", she highlighted the aims, background and process of her DFG joint project with the TiHo Hannover. This was followed by the first of two poster sessions, in which doctoral students from the ZIM institutes presented their current research projects and results. This led to lively discussions, which provided the presenters with valuable input.

Finally, the well-deserved lunch break followed. After food and drink, the second poster session followed. After a vote by all participants, the best posters were honoured at the end of the ZIM day:

Sophia Hanstein (Bacteriology) was honoured for the most interesting poster, Maria-Christin Jentsch (Immunology) for the most visually appealing poster and Aline Keilhaue (Immunology) for the best poster presentation. The prize (kindly sponsored by the Freundeskreis für Tiermedizin e.V.) for the overall best poster was won by Maria-Christin Jentsch (Immunology).

Finally, ideas and prospects for the coming year were collected. We are already looking forward to the next meeting and to continuing our great co-operation at ZIM!