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We are delighted that our colleague, Dr Maria Eschke, has been awarded this year's Hans Schleiter Prize for the best publication achievement at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Leipzig University in 2023.

Dr Maria Eschke received the Hans Schleiter Prize at the academic ceremony of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in the Paulinum on 8 December 2023. The Hans Schleiter Prize is awarded annually by the Friends of the Faculty and honours the best publication of the previous year. The laudator, Prof. Dr Gottfried Alber, highlighted the special achievement of Dr Eschke, who coordinated the creation of the first T-cell atlas of the dog in a cooperative project with the University of California in Davis (USA). Through single cell analyses, important insights into the diverse T-cell populations in the canine immune system were gained, for which Dr Eschke has now been honoured.

If you would like to see Dr Eschke's work for yourself, please click on the link to her publication:


Canine peripheral blood TCRαβ T cell atlas: Identification of diverse subsets including CD8A+ MAIT-like cells by combined single-cell transcriptome and V(D)J repertoire analysis. Eschke et al., Front Immunol. 2023

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