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This year's Ackerknecht Prize for outstanding teaching in the field of preclinical medicine goes to PD Dr. Uwe Müller.

In times of the pandemic, Uwe Müller used the technical possibilities of digital teaching to intensify teaching in the subject of genetics in particular. Through the use of lecture presentations in film format, question forums, electronic exercises, digital question time and the comprehensive answering of any question from the student body, Mr Müller was able to interest the students in the subject on the one hand and on the other hand prepare them optimally for the exam in animal breeding and genetics. The grade average of the exam speaks for itself. A large number of students have attributed Mr Müller's nomination for the Ackerknecht Prize to his tireless efforts in answering their questions online.

Mr Müller will also take many of the concepts developed in the pandemic into classroom teaching in order to further improve the teaching of genetics, but also in immunology and laboratory animal science, for more enjoyment in learning and excellent knowledge transfer.

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