Prof. Dr. Rainer Cermak

Prof. Dr. Rainer Cermak


An den Tierkliniken 7/7a
04103 Leipzig

Phone: +49 341 97 - 38062

  • Effects of mesenchymal stem cells on inflamed intestinal epithelia
    Cermak, Rainer
    Duration: 03/2017 – ongoing
    Involved organisational units of Leipzig University: Ernährungsphysiologie
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  • Murota, K.; Cermak, R.; Terao, J.; Wolffram, S.
    Influence Of Fatty Acid Patterns On The Intestinal Absorption Pathway Of Quercetin In Thoracic Lymph Duct-Cannulated Rats
    British Journal of Nutrition. 2012. 109 (12). pp. 2147–2153.
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  • Wein, S.; Cermak, R.; Wolffram, S.; Langguth, P.
    Chronic Quercetin Feeding Decreases Plasma Concentrations Of Salicylamide Phase Ii Metabolites In Pigs Following Oral Administration
    Xenobiotica. 2011. 42 (5). pp. 477–482.
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  • Reinboth, M.; Wolffram, S.; Abraham, G.; Ungemach, F. R.; Cermak, R.
    Oral Bioavailability Of Quercetin From Different Quercetin Glycosides In Dogs
    British Journal of Nutrition. 2010. 104 (02). pp. 198–203.
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  • Cermak, R.; Wein, S.; Wolffram, S.; Langguth, P.
    Effects Of The Flavonol Quercetin On The Bioavailability Of Simvastatin In Pigs
    European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. 2009. 38 (5). pp. 519–524.
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  • Augustin, S.; Rimbach, G.; Augustin, K.; Schliebs, R.; Wolffram, S.; Cermak, R.
    Effect Of A Short- And Long-Term Treatment With Ginkgo Biloba Extract On Amyloid Precursor Protein Levels In A Transgenic Mouse Model Relevant To Alzheimer’s Disease
    Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics. 2009. 481 (2). pp. 177–182.
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