We offer courses in animal keeping and hygiene, animal welfare and ethology, animal disease control and infectious disease epidemiology and biometrics.

enlarge the image: Students in the auditorium, photo: Institute for Animal Hygiene and Public Veterinary Health
Students in the auditorium, photo: Institute for Animal Hygiene and Public Veterinary Health

Our range of services in four specialist areas

These four subject areas are represented in teaching by the Institute of Animal Hygiene and Public Veterinary Affairs:

  • Animal keeping and animal hygiene
  • Animal Welfare and Ethology
  • Animal Disease Control and Infectious Disease Epidemiology
  • Biometry

Lectures and Focuses:

  • Animal welfare (4th semester and 5th semester, 14 hours), Dr Möbius
  • Animal hygiene (7th semester, 13 hours), Prof. Truyen, Prof. Pfeffer, Dr. Speck, Dr. Möbius
  • Animal disease control (8th semester, 28 hours), Prof. Truyen
  • Biometry (7th and 8th semester, 14 hours each), Prof. Pfeffer, Dr. Obiegala
  • Ethology (2nd semester, 28 hours), Dr. Möbius
  • Track Veterinary Public Health (9th semester and 10th semester, 2 x 14 hours lecture + excursions per semester), Prof. Pfeffer, Prof. Truyen, Dr. Möbius, Dr. Albert (Institute for Food Hygiene)
  • Focus Clinical Basics (5th semester, 5 hours), Prof. Truyen, Dr. Speck
  • Focus on stock care (7th semester, 41 hours)*
  • Focus Law (7th semester, 1 hour), Dr. Möbius
  • Focus on ornamental birds and reptiles (7th semester, 4 hours), Prof. Truyen, Dr. Möbius
  • Focus husbandry/behaviour horses and pets (7th semester, 10 hours), Dr. Möbius
  • Focus Poultry (8th semester, 6 hours)*
  • Focus Fish (8th semester, 4 h), Prof. Truyen, Dr. Möbius

*Institute staff




  • Animal hygiene (7th semester, 6 groups of 14 hours each)*
  • Animal diseases (8th semester, 14 hours)*
  • Biometry/epidemiology (7th semester, 14 hours lecture) Prof. Pfeffer, Dr. Obiegala
  • Agricultural practical course at the Oberholz Teaching and Experimental Farm (2nd semester, 3 groups, 2 hours each seminar, stable construction and climate)
  • Agricultural practical course at the Oberholz Training and Experimental Farm (LVG) (1st/3rd semester, 5 groups each 2 hours seminar, stable construction and stable climate)

* Institute staff


Project works can be completed in the areas of animal hygiene, animal welfare and epidemiology. As a rule, the internship lasts 3-4 weeks at a time. Please enquire about a date in a timely manner, as no dates can be allocated at short notice for organisational reasons.

Completion takes place via a short project-related report.

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