The responsibilities, tasks and powers of the Animal Welfare Representative of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine result from the valid legal regulations Animal Welfare Act and Laboratory Animal Ordinance (Tierschutzgesetz und Versuchstier-Verordnung) as well as from the valid Animal Welfare Representative Regulations of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (Tierschutzbeauftragtenordnung der Veterinärmedizinischen Fakultät).

Applications and notifications

All applications for permits or notifications of animal experiments and the killing of animals for scientific purposes (including notifications of changes) must be submitted to the competent authority via the animal welfare officer. This also applies to permit applications for breeding and keeping laboratory animals according to § 11 of the Animal Welfare Act. The applications or notifications must be submitted in draft form to the animal welfare officer in advance.

Applications for permits as well as notifications of animal experiments must be submitted to the State Directorate in writing (with original signatures).

Authority in charge:

Landesdirektion Sachsen
Referat 25 (Veterinärwesen und Lebensmittelüberwachung)
Braustraße 2
04107 Leipzig

Frau Dr. V. Koch
Tel.: +341/977-2440

For applications and notifications, please contact the Animal Welfare Representative.

legal basis

Animal Welfare Law (Tierschutzgesetz)

Animal Welfare Experimental Animal Regulation (Tierschutz-Versuchstierverordnung)

Regulation on the Protection of Animals used for Experimental or other Scientific Purposes (TierSchVersV)

Experimental Animal Notification Regulation (Versuchstiermeldeverordnung)

Regulation on the notification of vertebrate animals used in animal experiments

Directive 2010/63/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 22/9/2010 on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes (with rules on the keeping of laboratory animals in its annex)

(with provisions on the killing of laboratory animals in Annex IV)

(with classification of severity in animal tests in Annex VIII)

Animal Welfare Board

The Animal Welfare Committee of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in accordance with § 6 of the Animal Welfare Experimental Animal Regulation includes the following members of the faculty:

  •   Dr. Gerd  Möbius  (Chairman, Animal Welfare Advisor)
  •   PD Dr. Kerstin Gerlach (Deputy Chairwoman, Deputy Animal Welfare Representative)
  •   Prof. Dr. Christoph Baums (Scientist, Institute for Bacteriology and Mycology)
  •   Prof. Dr. Johannes Kauffold (Scientist, Clinic for Claw Animals)
  •   Prof. Dr. Angelika Richter (Scientist, Clinic for Claw Animals)
  •   Frau Marion Fritsche (Animal keeper, Institute for Parasitology)
  •   Frau Sabine Beumann (Animal keeper, Equine Clinic)
  •   Marie Bölke (Veterinary Medicine Student Council, representative)


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