Outstanding research goals of the Clinic for Birds and Reptiles are the optimisation of diagnostic and treatment options in avian and reptile medicine as well as the aetiology, prophylaxis and therapy of husbandry-related diseases in farm poultry and ornamental birds.

enlarge the image: Foto: zwei Mediziner, einer hält einen Greifvogel fest, der andere entnimmt ihm Blut
Bird of prey being treated - photo: Prod. Dr. Maria-Elisabeth Krautwald-Junghanns

Internationally oriented and yet practical

In the corresponding projects, we maintain intensive cooperation with

  •     university institutions
  •     federal ministries
  •     Germany's Federal Research Centre for Agriculture and Nutrition
  •     a large number of colleagues at home and abroad, and
  •     bird farmers' associations and the poultry industry.

Our focus lies on scientific studies dedicated to animal welfare, immunology, pharmacology, infectious diseases and imaging diagnostics.