About 75 percent of all birds and reptiles presented to us are diseased due to incorrect husbandry and/or nutrition. It is often difficult to find suitable information on the keeping and feeding of birds and reptiles. Therefore, we have listed some hints and guidelines for you on this page to help you keep and feed your pets in an animal-friendly way.

enlarge the image: Einem Sonnensittich wird ein Medikament in den Schnabel eingegeben
Parakeet - photo: M. Pees

The information provided here does not replace the study of necessary basic literature. Please bear in mind that birds and reptiles are very sensitive animals and knowledge about their biology and basic husbandry requirements is essential for successful and species-appropriate husbandry.

The material provided does not claim to be complete. It is merely an excerpt for a rough guideline to improve your animals' wellbeing.

The download is free of charge for personal use.


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