Having a look beyond ones nose can bring new ideas. For that reason we are in contact with other Skills Labs world wide and visit conferences and congresses about veterinary medical education and skills training. Furthermore PAUL is often part of different university events like Leipziger Tierärztekongress, Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften (science night) or Veterinary Day.

Scientific exchange with colleagues

two persons in front of a VetEd poster in Utrecht
4 skillslab managers in front of a cow simulator
2 colleague in front of the entrance of the Clinical Skills Lab in Melbourne
conference room with persons at Rothamsted Research Center
portrait of Julia Dittes with a painted papier-mache horse in her hand

PAUL on tour

Even in its infancy PAUL has been present in different events. With our simulators we could and can show insights into practical training in veterinary medicine to experts on one hand and the public on the other hand. During the fesitivity about 600 years of university medicine we transported a human medicine colleagues and any other interested into the anatomical structures of a cow and let them diagnose chess pieces instead of real gestation diagnostics.

Every two years the Leipziger Tierärztekongress is a stage to present to all generations of veterinarians and the science night "Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften" entices visitors to enter PAUL.

In addition there are various intern events at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine like first year student eve,Veterinary Day and many more.

impressions of various events

Tutor explains how to take a blood sample of a horse to a group of students
rectal palpation simulator Breed´n´Betsy is explained to visitors by a student
close up of the udder of a cow simulator while some children are milking
little girl learns how to suture, a student is explaining to her and her family is watching her
A life size cow manikin with a saddle in front of the Skills Lab, ridden by a father with his daughter in the moment of the photo
View of the printed photos and PAUL-sticker at a table
life-size simulator cow on wheels moved by a group of students and veterinarians at Leipzig fair
PAUL student is practising the intubation with a dog manikin and explains it to a girl. She is watched by her excited mom.

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