Since its foundation in 2014 PAUL experienced at lot. History, experiences, new developments and furthermore, you can find here.

historical review

enlarge the image: old skills lab rooms with some stations
enlarge the image: arranged heaps of material, three persons and cartons
enlarge the image: view into the new location where two persons are standing next to a life-size equine colic simulator
  • 2014  Prof. Mülling spreads the idea of a Skills Lab at Leipzig Vet Faculty to the students. A team of voluntary working students starts the project.
  • 2015 the founding PAUL-Team (Maria Jahn, Lisa Marie Schünemann, Julian Nader und Julia Dittes) is honoured with the Bergfestpreis, an award for excellent student performance at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Leipzig
  • 2016  after taking part in a successful science night (Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften, 23. Juni 2016) PAUL is allowed to move into new rooms
  • 2018 again the Bergfestpreis is awarded to the PAUL-Team (Dr. Ronny Bindl, Josefine Taube, Lisa Rohe, Lena Firnkes, Laura Winkler, Julia Dittes)
  • 2019 one part of PAUL moves into a new office and another room for stations (An den Tierkliniken 41)

PAUL nowadays

With nowadays 50 learning stations PAUL is growing more and more. In 2019 we celebrated our 5-years-birthday. Our team is dealing with development of existing and new stations and implementing of new ideas always regarding to the special needs of teachers and learners in veterinary medical education. The aim is to integrate PAUL much more into curriculum and enhance as well as improve learning and especially practical training possibilities for the next generations of vet students.

enlarge the image: street view at the building where PAUL is mainly situated in, in the sunlight
enlarge the image: bird´s eye view on the equipment of PAUL

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