• Halwachs, S.; Lakoma, C.; Schäfer, I.; Seibel, P.; Honscha, W.
    The Antiepileptic Drugs Phenobarbital and Carbamazepine Reduce Transport of Methotrexate in Rat Choroid Plexus by Down-Regulation of the Reduced Folate Carrier
    Molecular Pharmacology. 2016. 80 (4). S. 621-629
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  • Halwachs, S.; Lakoma, C.; Gebhardt, R.; Schäfer, I.; Seibel, P.; Honscha, W.
    Dioxin Mediates Downregulation Of The Reduced Folate Carrier Transport Activity Via The Arylhydrocarbon Receptor Signalling Pathway
    Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology. 2010. 246 (1-2). S. 100-106
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