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Dargestellt ist eine Auswahl virologischer Standardwerke der Bibliothek des Instituts für Virologie
eine Auswahl virologischer Standardwerke, Foto: Johannes Busch

Publikationen des Instituts für Virologie

  • Sieg, M., I. Sacristán, J. Busch, K. A. Terio, J. Cabello, E. Hidalgo-Hermoso, J. Millán, D. Böttcher, K. Heenemann, T. W. Vahlenkamp, and C. Napolitano. 2020. Identification of Novel Feline Paramyxoviruses in Guignas (Leopardus guigna) from Chile. Viruses 12.

  • Busch, J., I. Sacristán, A. Cevidanes, J. Millán, T. W. Vahlenkamp, C. Napolitano, and M. Sieg. 2020. High seroprevalence of feline morbilliviruses in free-roaming domestic cats in Chile. Archives of virology.

  • Harzer, M., Heenemann, K., Sieg, M., Vahlenkamp, T., Freick, M., & Rückner, A. 2020.
    Prevalence of pigeon rotavirus infections: animal exhibitions as a risk factor for pigeon flocks. Archives of Virology, 1-8.

  • Kessler, S., K. Heenemann, T. Krause, S. Twietmeyer, J. Fuchs, M. Lierz, V. M. Corman, T. M. Vahlenkamp, and D. Rubbenstroth. 2020.
    Monitoring of free-ranging and captive Psittacula populations in Western Europe for avian bornaviruses, circoviruses and polyomaviruses. Avian pathology : journal of the W.V.P.A 49:119–130.

  • Prkno, A., D. Hoffmann, M. Kaiser, D. Goerigk, M. Pfeffer, K. Winter, T. W. Vahlenkamp, M. Beer, and A. Starke. 2020.
    Field Trial Vaccination against Cowpox in Two Alpaca Herds. Viruses 12.

  • Szilasi, A., L. Dénes, E. Krikó, K. Heenemann, R. Ertl, M. Mándoki, T. W. Vahlenkamp, and G. Balka. 2019.
    Prevalence of feline immunodeficiency virus and feline leukaemia virus in domestic cats in Hungary. JFMS open reports.

  • Falkenhagen, A., C. Patzina-Mehling, A. Rückner, T. W. Vahlenkamp, and R. Johne. 2019.
    Generation of simian rotavirus reassortants with diverse VP4 genes using reverse genetics. The Journal of general virology 100:1595–1604.

  • Sacristan, I., M. Sieg, F. Acuna, E. Aguilar, S. Garcia, M. J. Lopez, A. Cevidanes, E. Hidalgo-Hermoso, J. Cabello, T. W. Vahlenkamp, J. Millan, E. Poulin, and C. Napolitano. 2019.
    Molecular and serological survey of carnivore pathogens in free-roaming domestic cats of rural communities in southern Chile. The Journal of veterinary medical science 81:1740–1748. 
  • Michel, F., M. Sieg, D. Fischer, M. Keller, M. Eiden, M. Reuschel, V. Schmidt, R. Schwehn, M. Rinder, S. Urbaniak, K. Müller, M. Schmoock, R. Luhken, P. Wysocki, C. Fast, M. Lierz, R. Korbel, T. W. Vahlenkamp, M. H. Groschup und U. Ziegler. 2019.
    Evidence for West Nile Virus and Usutu Virus Infections in Wild and Resident Birds in Germany, 2017 and 2018. Viruses 11
  • Sieg, M., J. Busch, M. Eschke, D. Böttcher, K. Heenemann, A. Vahlenkamp, A. Reinert, J. Seeger, R. Heilmann, K. Scheffler und T. W. Vahlenkamp. 2019.
    A New Genotype of Feline Morbillivirus Infects Primary Cells of the Lung, Kidney, Brain and Peripheral Blood. Viruses 11
  • Fingas, F., A. Rückner, K. Heenemann, D. Volke, M. Sieg, P. Bielefeldt, T. Grunwald, T. W. Vahlenkamp, R. Hassert und R. Hoffmann. 2018.
    Highly sensitive ELISA for the serological detection of murine rotavirus EDIM based on its major immunogen VP6. Journal of virological methods 262:72–78 
  • Jaworski, J. P., A. Pluta, M. Rola-Luszczak, S. L. McGowan, C. Finnegan, K. Heenemann, H. A. Carignano, I. Alvarez, K. Murakami, L. Willems, T. W. Vahlenkamp, K. G. Trono, B. Choudhury und J. Kuzmak. 2018.
    Interlaboratory Comparison of Six Real-Time PCR Assays for Detection of Bovine Leukemia Virus Proviral DNA. Journal of clinical microbiology 56 
  • Parvin, R., J. A. Begum, M. Nooruzzaman, E. H. Chowdhury, M. R. Islam und T. W. Vahlenkamp. 2018.
    Review analysis and impact of co-circulating H5N1 and H9N2 avian influenza viruses in Bangladesh. Epidemiology and infection 146:1259–1266 
  • Prkno, A., M. Kaiser, D. Goerigk, M. Pfeffer, T. W. Vahlenkamp, D. Hoffmann, M. Beer und A. Starke. 2018.
    Clinical presentation of cowpox virus infection in South American camelids - A review. Tierarztliche Praxis 46:50–56 
  • Sieg, M., A. Vahlenkamp, C. G. Baums und T. W. Vahlenkamp. 2018.
    First Complete Genome Sequence of a Feline Morbillivirus Isolate from Germany. Genome announcements 6 
  • Wenske, O., A. Rückner, D. Piehler, B.-A. Schwarz und T. W. Vahlenkamp. 2018.
    Epidemiological analysis of porcine rotavirus A genotypes in Germany. Veterinary microbiology 214:93–98 
  • Lima, C., J. R. Mesquita, H. Brancal, T. W. Vahlenkamp, A. R. Teixeira, L. Cardoso, C. Amorim, N. Santarem und A. C. DA Silva. 2017.
    The use of Escherichia coli total antigens as a complementary approach to address seropositivity to Leishmania antigens in canine leishmaniosis. Parasitology 144:1384–1393 
  • Prkno, A., D. Hoffmann, D. Goerigk, M. Kaiser, A. C. F. van Maanen, K. Jeske, M. Jenckel, F. Pfaff, T. W. Vahlenkamp, M. Beer, R. G. Ulrich, A. Starke und M. Pfeffer. 2017.
    Epidemiological Investigations of Four Cowpox Virus Outbreaks in Alpaca Herds, Germany. Viruses 9 
  • Shehata, A. A., H. Sultan, M. Y. Halami, S. Talaat und T. W. Vahlenkamp. 2017.
    Molecular characterization of very virulent infectious bursal disease virus strains circulating in Egypt from 2003 to 2014. Archives of virology 162:3803–3815 
  • Sieg, M., V. Schmidt, U. Ziegler, M. Keller, D. Hoper, K. Heenemann, A. Rückner, H. Nieper, A. Muluneh, M. H. Groschup und T. W. Vahlenkamp. 2017.
    Outbreak and Cocirculation of Three Different Usutu Virus Strains in Eastern Germany. Vector borne and zoonotic diseases (Larchmont, N 17:662–664 
  • Spahr, C., R. Ryll, T. Knauf-Witzens, T. W. Vahlenkamp, R. G. Ulrich und R. Johne. 2017.
    Serological evidence of hepatitis E virus infection in zoo animals and identification of a rodent-borne strain in a Syrian brown bear. Veterinary microbiology 212:87–92 
  • Ionita, C. R., A. R. Troillet, T. W. Vahlenkamp, K. Winter, W. Brehm und J.-C. Ionita. 2016.
    Comparison of humoral insulin-like growth factor-1, platelet-derived growth factor-BB, transforming growth factor-beta1, and interleukin-1 receptor antagonist concentrations among equine autologous blood-derived preparations. American journal of veterinary research 77:898–905 
  • Shehata, A. A., D. M. Gerry, K. Heenemann, M. Y. Halami, S. Tokarzewski, P. Wencel und T. W. Vahlenkamp. 2016.
    Goose Parvovirus and Circovirus Coinfections in Ornamental Ducks. Avian diseases 60:516–522 
  • Steinmetz, A. und K. Heenemann. 2016.
    Herpesvirus-bedingte Augenerkrankungen der Katze. kleintier konkret 19:26–33 
  • Vahlenkamp, T. W. 2016.
    Distemper and other viral infections. Pages 1006–1013 in S. J. Ettinger, E. C. Feldman and E. Cote, editors. Textbook of veterinary internal medicine. Diseases of the dog and cat Volume 2, Pages 1083-2182
  • Fiebig, P., A. A. Shehata und U. G. Liebert. 2015.
    Generation of monoclonal antibodies reactive against subtype specific conserved B-cell epitopes on haemagglutinin protein of influenza virus H5N1. Virus research 199:46–55
  • Heenemann, K., M. Sieg, A. Rückner und T. W. Vahlenkamp. 2015.
    Complete Genome Sequence of a Novel Avian Polyomavirus Isolated from Gouldian Finch. Genome announcements 3
  • Huth, N., R. F. Wenkel, N. Roschanski, U. Rosler, L. Plagge und S. Schoniger. 2015.
    Prototheca zopfii Genotype 2-induced Nasal Dermatitis in a Cat. Journal of comparative pathology 152:287–290
  • Ibrahim, M., H. A. Sultan, A. G. A. Razik, K.-I. Kang, A. S. Arafa, A. A. Shehata, Y. M. Saif und C.-W. Lee. 2015.
    Development of broadly reactive H5N1 vaccine against different Egyptian H5N1 viruses. Vaccine 33:2670–2677
  • Parvin, R., A. A. Shehata, K. Heenemann, M. Gac, A. Rückner, M. Y. Halami und T. W. Vahlenkamp. 2015.
    Differential replication properties among H9N2 avian influenza viruses of Eurasian origin. Veterinary research 46:75
  • Scheinemann, H. A., K. Dittmar, F. S. Stockel, H. Müller und M. E. Kruger. 2015.
    Hygienisation and nutrient conservation of sewage sludge or cattle manure by lactic acid fermentation. PloS one 10:e0118230
  • Shehata, A. A., R. Parvin, H. Sultan, M. Y. Halami, S. Talaat, A. G. Abd El-Razik, M. Ibrahim, K. Heenemann und T. W. Vahlenkamp. 2015.
    Isolation and full genome characterization of avian influenza subtype H9N2 from poultry respiratory disease outbreak in Egypt. Virus genes 50:389–400
  • Sieg, M., K. Heenemann, A. Rückner, I. Burgener, G. Oechtering und T. W. Vahlenkamp. 2015.
    Discovery of new feline paramyxoviruses in domestic cats with chronic kidney disease. Virus genes 51:294–297
  • Sieg, M., A. Rückner, C. Köhler, I. Burgener und T. W. Vahlenkamp. 2015.
    A bovine G8P1 group A rotavirus isolated from an asymptomatically infected dog. The Journal of general virology 96:106–114
  • Sultan, H. und A. G. A. Razik. 2015.
    Characterization of Infectious Bronchitis Viruses Circulating in Egyptian Chickens during 2012 and 2013. Journal of Veterinary Science & Medical Diagnosis 04
  • Goerigk, D., T. Theuss, M. Pfeffer, A. Konrath, D. Kalthoff, D. Woll, T. W. Vahlenkamp, M. Beer und A. Starke. 2014.
    Cowpox virus infection in an alpaca (Vicugna pacos) - clinical symptoms, laboratory diagnostic findings and pathological changes. Tierarztliche Praxis 42:169–177
  • Halami, M. Y., M. Freick, A. A. Shehata, H. Müller und T. W. Vahlenkamp. 2014.
    Susceptibility of calves to porcine circovirus-2 (PCV2). Veterinary microbiology 173:125–131
  • Halami, M. Y., H. Müller, J. Böttcher und T. W. Vahlenkamp. 2014.
    Whole-genome sequences of two strains of porcine circovirus 2 isolated from calves in Germany. Genome announcements 2
  • Mesquita, J. R., I. Delgado, V. Costantini, K. Heenemann, T. W. Vahlenkamp, J. Vinje und M. S. J. Nascimento. 2014.
    Seroprevalence of canine norovirus in 14 European countries. Clinical and vaccine immunology : CVI 21:898–900
  • Parvin, R., K. Heenemann, M. Y. Halami, E. H. Chowdhury, M. R. Islam und T. W. Vahlenkamp. 2014.
    Full-genome analysis of avian influenza virus H9N2 from Bangladesh reveals internal gene reassortments with two distinct highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses. Archives of virology 159:1651–1661
  • Parvin, R., A. H. M. Kamal, M. E. Haque, E. H. Chowdhury, M. Giasuddin, M. R. Islam und T. W. Vahlenkamp. 2014.
    Genetic characterization of highly pathogenic H5N1 avian influenza virus from live migratory birds in Bangladesh. Virus genes 49:438–448
  • Popp, C., R. Hauck, T. W. Vahlenkamp, D. Luschow, B. O. Kershaw, M. Hoferer und H. M. Hafez. 2014.
    Liver pathology associated with increased mortality in turkey breeder and meat turkey flocks. Avian diseases 58:474–481
  • Schwartz, A. M., M. A. McCrackin, R. F. Schinazi, P. B. Hill, T. W. Vahlenkamp, M. B. Tompkins und K. Hartmann. 2014.
    Antiviral efficacy of nine nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors against feline immunodeficiency virus in feline peripheral blood mononuclear cells. American journal of veterinary research 75:273–281
  • Harder, T. C., U. Siebert, P. Wohlsein und T. W. Vahlenkamp. 2013.
    Influenza A virus infections in marine mammals and terrestrial carnivores. Berliner und Munchener tierarztliche Wochenschrift 126:500–508
  • Shehata, A. A., M. Y. Halami, H. H. Sultan, A. G. Abd El-Razik und T. W. Vahlenkamp. 2013.
    Chicken embryo origin-like strains are responsible for Infectious laryngotracheitis virus outbreaks in Egyptian cross-bred broiler chickens. Virus genes 46:423–430
  • Heenemann, K., S. Lapp, J. P. Teifke, D. Fichtner, T. C. Mettenleiter und T. W. Vahlenkamp. 2012.
    Development of a Bovine leukemia virus polymerase gene-based real-time polymerase chain reaction and comparison with an envelope gene-based assay. Journal of veterinary diagnostic investigation : official publication of the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians, Inc 24:649–655
  • Maresch, C., E. Lange, J. P. Teifke, W. Fuchs, B. Klupp, T. Müller, T. C. Mettenleiter und T. W. Vahlenkamp. 2012.
    Oral immunization of wild boar and domestic pigs with attenuated live vaccine protects against Pseudorabies virus infection. Veterinary microbiology 161:20–25
  • Köhler, C., A. Rückner, M. Gac und T. W. Vahlenkamp. 2012.
    Porzine Rotaviren: Problematik im Bestand und zoonotisches Potential. Der Praktische Tierarzt 93:1028–1035
  • Scharner, D., D. Böttcher, C. Köhler und K. Müller. 2012.
    Equine multinoduläre pulmonale Fibrose – ein Fallbericht. Der Praktische Tierarzt 93:420–426
  • Alasaad, S., S. Walton, L. Rossi, S. Bornstein, M. Abu-Madi, R. C. Soriguer, S. Fitzgerald, X.-Q. Zhu, W. Zimmermann, U. S. Ugbomoiko, K. J.-C. Pei und J. Heukelbach. 2011.
    Sarcoptes-World Molecular Network (Sarcoptes-WMN): integrating research on scabies. International journal of infectious diseases : IJID : official publication of the International Society for Infectious Diseases 15:e294-7
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    Adjuvants and delivery systems in veterinary vaccinology: current state and future developments. Archives of virology 156:183–202
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    Analysis of influenza A viruses of subtype H1 from wild birds, turkeys and pigs in Germany reveals interspecies transmission events. Influenza and other respiratory viruses 5:276–284
  • Starick, E., E. Lange, S. Fereidouni, C. Bunzenthal, R. Hoveler, A. Kuczka, E. grosse Beilage, H.-P. Hamann, I. Klingelhofer, D. Steinhauer, T. W. Vahlenkamp, M. Beer und T. C. Harder. 2011.
    Reassorted pandemic (H1N1) 2009 influenza A virus discovered from pigs in Germany. The Journal of general virology 92:1184–1188
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    The NS1 protein of avian influenza viruses suppresses interferon synthesis in mice but not in chickens. Journal of Virology 85:7730–7741
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  • Romen, F., P. Backes, M. Materniak, R. Sting, T. W. Vahlenkamp, R. Riebe, M. Pawlita, J. Kuzmak und M. Lochelt. 2007. Serological detection systems for identification of cows shedding bovine foamy virus via milk. Virology 364:123–131

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