Study of Veterinary Anatomy

Here students get a first insight into the spheres of anatomy, its learning contents and teaching goals, as well as into the special features of studying at the institute.

Without microscope, microscopic anatomy would be unthinkable. And without Professor Seeger, histology as well. Photo: Christian Hüller
The Veterinary Anatomy Teaching Collection not only has a long tradition at the Institute, it also conveys knowledge, values and a feel-good atmosphere for students and all interested parties. Photo: Martina Fersterra
The bovine cerebellum reveals exciting depths and structures down to the smallest cell in digital live imaging. Source:

Insights into studies

For the study of histology the work at the microscope is essential. This gives students the best possible insight into microscopic anatomy. Photo: Prof. Dr. Johannes Seeger
Back-breaking work: Here in the preparation room, students learn the basics of macroscopic anatomy. Photo: Prof. Dr. Christoph Mülling
In order to palpate the posterior limb, students are allowed to leave the preparation room for living animal anatomy. Photo: Normen Meinert

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