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On May 11, 2021 at 3:30 p.m., our former PhD student, Ms. Friederike Rabiger, was able to defend her doctoral thesis on non-conventional T cells in dogs, which was crowned with two first authorships. Her convincing performance left no doubt in the minds of the doctoral committee present. She had also mastered the last step of the doctorate with flying colors.

Ms. Friederike Rabiger, who now works as a veterinarian in the veterinary office in Halle/Saale, was convincing all along the line. This was also seen by the reviewers of her doctoral thesis and suggested her for a special award, this vote could only agree with the promotion committee after the convincing defense performance.

The important work she has done in her doctoral thesis now serves as a basis for finding out more about these special T cells in dogs.

We wish Ms. Rabiger all the best in her future endeavors.