We would like to impart theoretical and practical knowledge of bacteriology and mycology to our students - and inspire them in the field of infectious medicine. Our teaching offer includes seminars, practical exercises and lectures about general and specific bacteriology and mycology. In addition, our institute participates in various focus events. Further information on the individual lectures, including the lecture materials, can be found on the Moodle learning platform at the University of Leipzig.

Specific Bacteriology and Mycology

Proper diagnostics play a key role in the success of various veterinary activities.

Excercise and Lecture

In the microbiological course you should internalize the process of a bacteriological and mycological examination. You will learn individual analysis techniques for the detection of important pathogens.

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Focus events

In the focus events, contents from various disciplines are presented. Our institute participates in various focus events, including the focus on "Recognizing, Understanding and Fighting of Selected Infectious Diseases".

Recognizing and Understanding of Infectious Diseases

In addition to lectures, the "Interdisciplinary Diagnostic Course", conceived as a practical exercise, is a central component of the focus "Recognition, Understanding and Fighting of Selected Infectious Diseases".

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Project Works

Dive deeper

Within the project work students are given the opportunity to work independently on bacteriological and mycological questions.

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Further Education

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Service for Diagnostics

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Core Unit CUMI

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