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Workshop - National Research Platform for Zoonoses - Use of PCLS for ex vivo investigation of...

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ZIM doctoral student receives Wilhelm Ellenberger Prize

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The Institute of Bacteriology and Mycology belongs to the Centre for Infectious Diseases of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Our tasks include teaching and research. We offer a service for microbiological diagnostics and supervise the Core Unit CUMI.

Our Institute

Learn more about the profile, history and staff of our institute.

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At our institute we impart theoretical and practical knowledge in bacteriology and mycology to veterinary medicine students.


Our courses include seminars, exercises and lectures on general and special bacteriology and mycology.

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Scientists of the Institute work on the elucidation of pathogen-host interactions and on the identification of virulence factors of bacterial and mycological pathogens of importance for veterinary medicine.

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Further Education

At the Institute of Bacteriology and Mycology, veterinarians can train to become specialists in bacteriology and mycology. In addition, we offer various ATF-approved training courses for veterinarians.

Advanced training

Our institute regularly participates in training events for veterinarians, in particular veterinary specialists for pigs and veterinary specialists for bacteriology and mycology.

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Service for Diagnostics

Bacteriological and mycological analyses

We examine clinical sample materials and organs as part of veterinary diagnostics. In addition, we prepare antibiotic resistance profiles and examine feed and water samples.

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Core Unit CUMI

MALDI-TOF Mass spectrometry

Our institute supervises the Core Unit "Mass Spectrometric Identification and Differentiation of Microorganisms" (CUMI), which can be used by all institutions of the University of Leipzig and by extra-university institutions and companies.

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