We offer various courses on the subject of "Animal Nutrition". In addition, you can write your student project work in the clinical-practical year at our institute.

You can find all teaching documents for the lectures and exercises on the learning platform Moodle.


The teaching on the subject of "Animal Nutrition" includes exercises and lectures as well as track and elective courses.


  • Third/3rd semester: “Exercises in animal feed science”
  • Eighth/8th semester: “Exercises in special animal nutrition”


  • Third/3rd semester: “Animal feed science, feed law and general animal nutrition”
  • Fifth/5th–eighth/8th semester: Participation in the focus courses: Nutrition of livestock and companion animals, nutrition-related diseases and dietetics for prophylaxis and therapy (accompaniment), food safety

Track events

  • Ninth/9th / tenth/10th semester: "Veterinary herd health care" and "paraclinical diagnostics, pharmacotherapy, immunoprophylaxis and dietetics"

Elective courses

  • Third/3rd / fourth/4th semester: "News from the nutrition consultation" and various excursion offers

Furthermore, our institute is involved in the agricultural internship in the second or third semester, the chemistry internship in the first semester and the lecture on botany in the first semester.

Project Work

Please contact Professor Vervuert for the allocation of topics for student project work during the clinical internship year.

Prof. Dr. Ingrid Vervuert

Prof. Dr. Ingrid Vervuert

Research Fellow

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