We offer nutrition consultation and feed analyses for veterinarians as well as animal owners. For an optimal result we need all important information from you. For this purpose, owner questionnaires for all details about your animal, together with a feed sample submission form, are provided under “Downloads”, to accompany the submission of feed samples.

Our services

Inquiries about our services can be made by telephone and by email. We usually answer extensive consultations by letter. In individual cases we also visit livestock in order to clarify feeding-related problems on site.

Please note that the consultation is liable to costs. Below you will find a pricelist of our available services.

Overview of prices

Owner questionnaires

For a successful nutrition consultation and ration evaluation we provide owner questionnaires about your animal – so-called anamnesis questionnaires. If required, please fill in the questionnaire for your horse, dog or cat and send it to us by post, email or fax.

The questionnaires are available in the download area both as pdf and Word documents.

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Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions on nutrition consultations and about sending in samples:

Please fill out the case history questionnaire as completely and in much detail as possible for nutritional consultation and advice. Please add any other necessary comments or information sheets to the questionnaire, such as letters of referral from a veterinarian or laboratory findings.

The processing of requests for nutrition consultation usually takes 3–4 working days. In cases of particular urgency, we will try to process them more quickly.

The processing of sample submissions normally takes 1–2 weeks if findings on microbiology or botany are required.

The costs for the nutrition consultation amount to 40–120 Euros. The costs for the examination of feed samples are dependent on the necessary analyses.

Overview of prices

  • Hay / straw: 1–2 kilograms (approximately the volume of a 60 litre rubbish bag)
  • Silage / haylage: 3–5 kilograms, packaged leak-proof and (in summer) please send as cooled as possible
  • Grain / compound feed: 1–2 kilograms

Please label the samples clearly and make sure that the sample packaging is suitable. When sending feed samples, please also observe the instructions on the sample submission form.

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