Institute of Animal Nutrition, Nutrition Diseases and Dietetics


Our institute and its employees offer a wide range of courses and frequently publish articles on current scientific issues.


Let us introduce Ourselves

Here, you will find all the important information about our institute, our team members and the right contact person for your request.

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Prize for the best study achievement on the subject of "Animal Nutrition" 2019

Mrs. L. von Lindeiner receives the prize of the H. Wilhelm Schaumann Foundation for 2019. Congratulations!


We offer various services for veterinarians as well as for pet owners.

Nutrition consultation and feed analysis

We would be happy to advise you on the nutrition of your animal. In individual cases we also visit animals on site.

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Important downloads for our services

Download horse questionnaire

3 Ponies on the Paddock
Owner questionnaire: Horse
DOC 173 KB

Download Pets Questionnaire

Owner questionnaire: Pets
DOC 177 KB

Download Sample Submission Form

Herbstzeitlose im Heu, Foto: J. Tietke
Feed sample submission form
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Our institute offers various courses in animal nutrition and dietetics.

Study Opportunities

We offer various courses on the subject of "Animal Nutrition". In addition, you can also write your student project work at our institute during your clinical-practical year.

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Our research is focused on the nutritional background of lifestyle diseases, especially obesity in livestock and companion animals.

3 Ponies on the Paddock


Here you will find an overview of our research activities.

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Contact and Approach

Our institute is located a few kilometres southeast of Leipzig city centre. You can easily reach us by public transport or by car.

Institute of Animal Nutrition, Nutrition Diseases and Dietetics

Tierernährung, Mykologie
An den Tierkliniken 9
04103 Leipzig

Head: Prof. Dr. Ingrid Vervuert

Phone: +49 341 97-38372
Fax: +49 341 97-38399