From A like anatomy till P like physiology - stations till preliminary medical exam (and further)

close-up of the mandible bone of a pig
Mandible of a pig, photo: Julia Dittes

The preclinical ABC

The programmes SimNerv, SimMuscle, SimVessel and SimHeart can be used all the time, SimNiere (Kidney) is offered temporarily.

Learning objective:

computersimulated experiments for better understanding of functions of different organs

Specialist advice:

Institute of Veterinary Physiology

A collection of different types of bones is offered in a box. Eine Sammlung verschiedenster Knochen steht in einer Kiste zur Verfügung.

Learning objective:

studying bones, repetition of anatomical basic knowledge about skeleton; support for X-ray-positioning

Specialist advice:

Institute of Veterinary Anatomy

35 microscopical slides are offered for light microscopy

Using Core Unit Virtual Microscopy 150 slides can be examined via computer

Learning objective:

microscopy and determination of different tissues, structures and cells

Specialist advice

Institute of Veterinary Anatomy, Histology and Embryology

Please contact the PAUL-Team to borrow the box with microscopical slides!

A box with 94 microscopical slides is offered.

Learning objective:

examination of different samples, description of pathological findings in different tissues

Specialist advice:

Institute of Veterinary Pathology

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