Depending on the current semester, PAUL offers a variety of courses like general training or specific preparation. If you have another course idea do not hesitate to ask our team.

studentical projectworks with PAUL

projectworks around PAUL deal with teaching research and development of models and learning stations. Topics are always connected to a teacher in the related institute


PAUL offers a growing number of learning stations dealing with different subjects and with regard of all kinds of animal patients. They are used for training pactical skills a vet needs in daily practice.

Our stations at one glance

close-up of the mandible bone of a pig
close-up of a hand holding a 3 ml-filled 5-ml-syringe
fiber glass holstein cow as life-size model for simulation
cuddly toys in a cupboard:two cats, one dog and a mouse in the background
a life-size fiber glass horse for simulating colic types
close-up of the head of a cuddly toy parrot

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